If you have ever had any doubts about your faith or religion but lacked the scientific background to answer your questions, this is the book for you. It will strengthen your spiritual brain, stimulate your thinking brain and allow you to develop a rational spirituality where your spiritual and thinking brain are not in conflict.

This book is intended for all inquisitive readers who are interested in why humans are such a spiritual species; whether Intelligent Design is a valid alternative to Darwinian evolution; whether our sacred books were written by man or by God; whether God Created Man or Man Created God; whether man made up the theory of God as our creator and protector; and whether our rational thinking brain can live in peace with our spiritual brain.

If you treasure your spirituality but have ever questioned any part of your faith or religion, this book is for you. It is written for those who are spiritual but would like answers to their doubting questions. It explores the possibility that our rational brain created God to satisfy the transcendent yearnings of our spiritual brain and that man wrote all the sacred books.

Unlike some recent books that call for the end of faith and religion, this book proposes that spirituality is genetically hardwired into a specific part of the brain, is pleasurable, is critical to the evolution and survival of man, and will never go away. It strives to allow readers to develop a rational spirituality in which the fact-based rational brain and the faith-based spiritual brain can live in peace. Intolerance, wars and terrorism based on religion make the assumption that one person’s God is better than another’s and that the sacred books are the literal word of God. A rational spirituality illustrates the fallacy of these assumptions and allows individuals of all religions to live in peace.

Thus, this book is written for:
• Any person, theist or atheist, religious or nonreligious, faithful or not, who has had any questions about their beliefs but felt they lacked the necessary background in biology, genetics, and neuroscience to address their many questions.
• Teachers who need a resource for intelligent answers to intelligent design that is not hostile to religion and faith.
• College students, who are away from home for the first time and have begun to question some of the tenets of their faith but wish to retain their spirituality and parts of their religion and faith .
• High school students who are still at home but would like an independent source of information on religion and science.